Dedicated to my family & friends

Dedicated to my family & friends

What am I going to do after SPM

  1. Spend time with my
  2. Dye my hair
  3. Makeover
  4. Buy new clothes
  5. Update the songs in my phone
  6. Try gaining weight (metabolism too high ba, sorry :( )
  7. Try to be nicer towards Deanna
  8. Control my anger when I'm angry
  9. Try to find a topic to write in my blog
  10. Going Australia with Sharon and Doreen
...Ok....I seriously have nothing else to do......
Maybe i'll just something random this holiday

ok, that was lame.


I smell freedom...don't you? Soooo glad SPM is over! I can finally throw all those craps (oopss...I mean notes) into the dustbin and pass my books to my cousin...who will be sitting for SPM 2010 *evil laugh*

For the meantime while waiting for my results, I'll enjoy my free time doing things like going out with friends, with family, with my boo and etc.etc.

I have nothing else to say anymore. Well, that's all for now. Tata! :) know who you are



So long farewell, I bid you goodbye.

I'm so so lazy today. And plus, the weather today was just...freaking hot. And bored too.

Look at Squall, even Squall was lazy, hold on. He is FOREVER lazy.

Before my mom left visiting with my dad and my lil sis, she reminded me to study.

And so, I picked up my Biology book and thought "Heck, might as well study Biology then not doing anything at all"

And so, I got ready stationary

My sad sad sad sad face


To all candidates who are sitting for SPM this year: Study hard and smart! But do not stress yourself too much, you'll end up crazy. Seriously, you will. YOU WILL.

Anyways, relax for while and have a bite of Pringles :)

God bless! :P

p/s: This will be my last posts for now. I will continue posting after SPM. I know I won't be missed but...*sniff*

Signing off,
LaLooser ;p

So I drew a face and laughed

HAHA. I IZ LAUGHING RIGHT NOW after I read my MCD buddie's punya blog.

p/s: Ignore my lame-ness please?

Facts Facts Facts

Hello earthlings :)

My name is Dorothy and I come in peace



Anyways, I'm feeling so bored now. So to kill some of my free time, I just want to let you all know a few facts about me. So..if your so eager to know a few facts about me, then read. If your not...then....

Get lost, lalooser!!!

Nahhh...I'm just playing around with ya. I'm not that mean. (well technically I am sort of mean but shh)


Fact #1. I'm a girl

Fact #2. I'm not a boy

Fact #3. I love man

Fact #4. I'm not a lesbo

Fact#5. I don't bother to be one

Fact #6. Seriously, I don't

Fact #7. I'm like addicted to skittles

Fact #8.

Fact #9. I think childrens are lovely creatures (although they might be evil at times), so don't abuse them!

Fact #10. I think Facebook is addictive. It's like every time when I go online, I'll automatically type "Facebook" and walah! I'm in Facebook. Hope Facebook won't end up like Friendster :X

Fact #11. I have a new buddy

Fact #12. And her name is Rebecca *please be bangga that your name gets to appear in my blog :D

Fact #13. I'm addicting to messaging. I have no idea why it's so addictive. What the heck!:P

Fact #14. I'm in a relationship. With...
Hold it, I did told you that I'm not a lesbo right? Well..I'm not. We're just playing around. So, jangan salah sangka please :)

Fact #14. I miss going for youth gatherings or Word Chill Out.

Fact #15. I love making retarded faces!

Fact #16. I love shopping. Seriously, I do. But I can't really make up my mind what to buy. Because every time when I wanna buy something...this little voice in my head kept bothering me me....


Fact #17. I'm a coward when it comes to Chemistry or Biology or History or Bahasa Malaysia. I totally suck in it. Like really suck in it. Plus, those subjects aren't like my cup of tea.

Fact #18. I love watching Kevjumba/HappySlip/NigaHiga's videos at YouTube. You should watch them for yourselves. Your gonna love it! :)

Fact #19. I can be very addicted in posting lame and meaningless posts


Fact #21. I'm so damn happy right now :)

Fact #22. Wanna know why people?

Fact #23. You sanggup read this FEW facts about me till the end :D

Fact #24. For those you read till the end...


Signing off,
LaLooser :)


I find this amusing...

Put The Big Red Button on your site

Haha. Btw, this is my 8th post for the day. Damn I'm bored :P

Who's that girl?

Who's that girl?
She looks so...fineee. LOL. jk ;)

Blowing through the jasmine in my mind ♥

I've been told that I don't smile a lot. I've been told I'm too sensitive. I've been told I'm not the best. I've been told I'm unpredictable. I've been told I'm obsessive. I've been told I'm too jealous. I've been told I broke too many hearts. I've been told that I'm a coward. I've been told that I'm not open minded. I've been told that I'm a bitch. I've been told that (.....)

DAMN, yikes man! There are so many things you don't know about me. And yet your like judging a book by its cover. But oh wells, I get that a lot and your right, I should probably smile a lot. :DDDDD.

I'm trying to forget about the past. Trying not to look back. And now, I'm striving for the future. Cheers to that! *cheerssss*

Till then, TTFN :)

I say Marco , You say Polo. MARCO!